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In the highly competitive industry of Finance and Banking, customer retention is extremely important for the success of those in the sector. An improved customer experience is a powerful way of retaining customers and banks now look to scenting as one method to improve customer satisfaction within their branches. Scenting aims to create a relaxing atmosphere for anxious customers or create a warm homely environment to the often perceived dull feel of banks.
Air Aroma is transforming spaces through the use of scent. Waiting in long lines can be frustrating and result in a negative experience. Customers are likely to evaluate service more favorably in a scented environment.

Pleasant banking experience

Scent can create an atmosphere of inspiration and comfort and heighten the level of customer care to leave guests with a lasting impression. Aroslim by Air Aroma has become a popular product choice for many banks as it blends in with any décor through its understated look and sleek anodized aluminum body.
Having been voted ‘The most respectable enterprise in China’, China Merchants Bank sets itself apart from the competition through a strong focus on innovation, quality service and advanced technologies. Thanks to the power of scent, China Merchants Bank is now able to connect to their customers on a much deeper level. Air Aroma together with China Merchant Bank have teamed up to developed two exclusive perfume-quality signature fragrances. The aim is to make a lasting impression to achieve total customer satisfaction.


Scenting retail environments

improves customers evaluation

and customers perceived they

were in the store for a shorter


(Spangenberg et al. 1996)

Scenting benefits

Customer retention

A positive experience provided through scent can increase retention and business performance.


Customer satisfaction

Scenting has been found to reduce the perceived time spent in a branch or waiting in line and service levels are evaluated more favorably.


Brand recognition

Ambient scenting underpins like no other medium your most valuable asset, your brand.


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Looking for an exclusive scent? Air Aroma fragrance designers can create signature blends solely for your brand.






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