For today’s travelers, hotels and resorts are destinations in themselves. From the moment guests are greeted by door staff, they want to feel special and welcome. Guests become accustomed to the level of luxury and service professionalism that you offer and they look forward to that pleasant sense of familiarity on their next stay.

As an astute hotelier, you’ve mastered a carefully planned floor design which is home to décor and details that create an ambience to compliment your brand. Imagine being able to create a truly lasting impression, one that remains vivid, long after the stay is over.

Create a truly powerful connection with your guests

Your environment and brand can be enhanced through scent. With your own signature scent developed you will create a truly powerful connection with your guests that is individual and unique.

Air Aroma offers solutions for small lobby areas with Aroslim or HVAC (through air conditioning ventilation) scenting for those larger common areas. Arologic by Air Aroma was specifically designed and developed with hotels in mind. It makes controlled scenting easy, as scenting every room in a hotel all from the front desk is now possible. This world first in scenting solutions uses the principles of wireless technology in conjunction with a network of scent diffusers to control multiple scent zones remotely.

The human sense of smell plays an important role in memory. Scent receptors in the nose connect directly to the section of the brain responsible for memory and emotions.


Brand recognition

Your valued guests will instantly remember your brand by its signature fragrance.

Stay longer & return

Data shows that the power of scent drives loyalty and guests will return to your hotel.

Emotional connection

Vanilla increases the sense of comfort, connect with your guests through the sense of smell.







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