Scenting your medical practice

The medical industry needs to ensure their patients feel comfortable and at ease to guarantee repeat business and total customer satisfaction. This is a difficult task given the nature of the industry, as most patients are anxious or stressed about a dentist checkup or doctor’s visit. The harsh smell of detergents in doctor’s clinics and hospital waiting rooms often contributes to the unpleasant feeling of patients.

To create a more relaxing environment for patients and staff, medical clinics turn to the most powerful of all human senses – smell. Scenting a soothing scent of lavender or eucalyptus triggers an emotional response so the waiting room experience will feel less traumatic.

Revitalize the air

Ambient scenting has a positive effect on patient perceptions of quality of service, cleanliness and personal wellness. The environment will feel warmer and the patient will feel happy and relaxed. In their purest form, released as a micro-mist, essential oils indulge the senses and revitalize the air with the added benefits of anti-bacterial properties fight the spread of air borne bacteria.

Air Aroma’s Aroscent Pro diffuses up to three different fragrances and is completely controllable via the Arologic interface. Create your own scenting schedule with adjustable strength, duration, stop and start time. The perfect machine for aged care facilities where uplifting scents can be released to energize in the morning and soothing scents can be released in the afternoon to relax and unwind.

When inhaled, certain diffused essential oils help to boost the body’s immune system



Improve the smell in the waiting room and people will be more relaxed before the consultation.


Diffusion of anti-bacterial products in medical environments will minimize the risks of infections by air-borne bacteria.

Improved experience

Scenting lavender will remove negative feelings and memories of unpleasant dental experiences.







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